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What is the SpamExperts Callout Cache

When SpamExperts tries to deliver and email but gets rejected for whatever reason it records the fact. In future, SpamExperts will automatically reject messages sent to this mailbox without checking your cPanel account for several hours. This is to minimise network traffic. This list is not maintained forever, and is mainly there to prevent hammering by spammers.

This can be caused if you recently moved a domain to us, and someone tried to send email to you before you had configured your mailbox in cPanel, or if SpamExperts Destinations were set incorrectly - so the server scanned email was being directed to didn't have a mailbox configured.

So, it's important in these circumstances to clear the callout cache so any changes you've made to correct Destinations are taken into account immediately.

Accessing SpamExperts

cPanel > Email > SpamExperts

On the next screen you will see a list of domains within this cPanel account - click 'Login' to enter the SpamExperts configuration for that domain

Clearing the Callout Cache

Click the Clear Callout cache - incoming icon.

Then click the Clear button.

You'll see a success message - the cache is cleared. Please re-test inbound email to confirm it is now being successfully received.

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