Submitting and receiving sensitive data in a support ticket

There are likely to be occasions we will need to exchange sensitive data with you. We may ask you to send us some login details - or we may need to send you an updated password for example.

Any details you send or receive via the sensitive data system are securely encrypted.

Sending sensitive data to our support team

Opening a new ticket

When you open a new ticket, you'll see a Sensitive Data area towards the bottom - please ensure any sensitive data you need to send us is entered here.

Replying to an existing ticket

Once a ticket is open you can supply additional sensitive data in the same way - you will need to ensure you also add a Message.

Otherwise you'll see an error when you click Submit.

Please add a short message and you'll be able to Submit the reply successfully.

Receiving sensitive data from Krystal

If we need to send you sensitive data you can access it via the View Received Sensitive Data button while viewing the ticket.

You'll see a dated list of sensitive data we've sent you. Click the Received: link to reveal each item.

You will only see the sensitive data you've received from Krystal. The list does not show the sensitive data you've sent to Krystal.

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