How do I login to my Krystal Client Area?

Your Krystal Client Area is not the same as your cPanel - which is where you actually configure your web hosting and email accounts. We have separate articles on how to Login in to your cPanel and also how to Login in to your webmail.
Reseller Clients

You will need to direct any queries about access to your cPanel, email account or any other facets of your service to your reseller.

To access your Krystal Client Area, please visit

You can also use the "Login" button on the top right of the homepage!

Forgotten your password, email address or 2FA issues

Forgotten password

If you've forgotten your password simply click the Forgotten your Password? link at the bottom of the Login form to be sent a reset link by email.

Click the link in the email you receive to reset your password. You should then be able to log in.

Forgotten email address

Please check for invoices or other communications from Krystal - they will usually be sent to the account holders email address.

If you're not sure what this is you can use the Forgotten password link as described above to try any email addresses it might be.

Please do this before you contact support as we won't be able to confirm any account details with you until you pass security.

If you need to contact us we will ask you to supply the required ID.

Forgotten 2FA

If you're unable to generate a 2FA code - maybe you've changed phones or no longer have access to the 2FA - and you don't have access to your backup code you'll need to contact support, answer your security question, supply the required ID and then we will disable it for you.

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