Clearing out old emails using the Email Disk Usage tool

Manage email disk usage

Please be aware that emails deleted using the Email Disk Usage tool are permanently deleted. It may be possible to recover the mailbox from a backup - but this would not include email received after the backup was taken. Please take care to only delete emails you really don't need.
  1. Within the cPanel Email section, click Email Accounts.
  2. Click Manage next to the email address you'd like to change
  3. Click Free up Email Storage.
  4. From this screen you can click select individual mailbox accounts, and then click the Manage drop-down to display the deletion options for each mailbox folder.
    The default selection is to permanently delete email older than 1yr - but you can select whichever option is appropriate.
    Please note that deleting email here will remove it from the mailbox, it may or may not still appear on your mail client depending on your settings (POP3/IMAP/Keep local copy).
    The Custom query... option uses the Dovecot Search Query Format (external link opens in a new window).

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