How to add a domain as a website Alias

Add a domain to an existing site (Alias)

There are a number of ways to add a new domain or site to your account. We have a separate guide that details the differences.

If you'd like to add a new domain - but just have it display the same content as an existing website you'll need to add it as an Alias domain.

Alias domains do not count towards your number of unique websites. Alias domains can have their own unique email accounts.

Alias domains were previously called Parked Domains.

cPanel > DOMAINS > Aliases

Alias or parked domains don't have any hosting directly attached to them. They can have email accounts and can be forwarded or redirected to other websites.

To add an Alias domain, simply click the Aliases icon within the DOMAINS section in cPanel.

Enter the new domain and click the Add Domain button.

Adding the Alias domain to an existing site

Once you've added an Alias domain to your cPanel account you'll need to point it to the website you'd like it to Alias.

This is done by adding a redirect. Back on the Aliases page click on Manage Redirection next to the domain you've just added.

Enter the URL of the site you'd like this domain to Alias.

Click the Save button to finish adding the redirect.

If you now visit this Alias address in a browser it should open the website it's redirected to.

Email and Alias Domains

Alias domains are treated separately in terms of email handling - i.e. fred@myprimary.domain is a completely different mailbox account to fred@myalias.domain

Errors when adding an alias or addon domain

When adding a domain name which is already assigned to another Krystal cPanel account on another server, you will see this message.

When adding a domain name which is already assigned to this or another Krystal cPanel account on this server, you will see this message.

In the case above, the domain cannot be added because it is already associated with another user.

You will be unable to add an Alias or Addon domain if it is already either

  • A primary domain for another Krystal cPanel account
  • An Alias or Addon domain on another Krystal cPanel account - even the same one you are working with.

If you need help figuring out where the domain has been duplicated, please raise a support ticket from your Krystal Client Area.

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